Let's improve together THE PATIENT EXPERIENCE and

With our patient portal solution that strengthens the link between patients and healthcare facilities.

Our connected tracking module is a CE marked medical device.


The involvement of the patient in all stages of his or her care, even administrative, is a strong vector for therapeutic success.

Our application suite re-imagines the patient-healthcare institution relationship by providing the tools necessary for this involvement. It is a real portal built around and for the patient, allowing him or her to enter a managed care pathway:

  • Prior to their hospital stay, patients can create their account, make an appointment and complete their pre-admission.
  • During his or her stay, the use of the reception desk and the indoor location saves time.
  • When the patientreturns home, he/she benefits from a follow-up adapted to his/her pathology (medical questionnaires, vitals, appointment reminders, etc.). They also have access to their administrative and medical files, teleconsultation, online payment, etc. Their information is transmitted to the health establishment which hasa coordination and alert managementtool.
The multi-service and multi-pathology solution designed by exolis accompanies the digital transformation of the medical world
million patients cared for
user organisations

A response to everyone's expectations



A solution that reflects my image, is flexible and integrated into my information system,

Personalized support from A to Z,

The creation of courses and content in complete autonomy.

carers 2

Health care team

Monitoring of patients' health status,
> Optimisation of the organisation of the service and strengthening of communication,
> Consolidation of the patient/carer relationship.

patient 2


All hospital services at your fingertips,

Support before, during and after hospitalisation,

Better information and understanding of the disease.


Administrative team

Anticipation of patient admission and optimisation of resources,
> Smoother lines and less waiting at the admissions office,
> Reduction of possible administrative errors.

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City professionals

> Communication with the patient's care team,
> Their information available in a few clicks in a secure space,
> The same digital tools as the care team.

A team of experts at your side

A 'patient vision' always at the heart of decisions

Patients want to be more involved in their care. And it is primarily for them that exolis was born.

Flexibility to the technical requirements of each establishment

Each institution has its own organisation and its own tools. Our solution is effective because it is adaptable and can be interfaced.

Support for services in managing change

Overhauling the organisation of an entire department, of an entire establishment, cannot be done alone. We can help you train and convince your teams.

A desire to ensure the transition to the city

To ensure continuity of care, all actors in the circle of care must be informed and involved.

Adaptation and reactivity to the health context

With the Covid crisis, exolis was able to adapt its solution in a few days to ensure the medical follow-up of patients and to respond to their fears.

Knowledge of the health system and its impact on digital health

We develop our solution in accordance with the Health Directives and closely follow government announcements.

Our latest news

Dispositifs médicaux, certifications et conformités

Pour répondre à des ‟ exigences essentielles de santé et de sécurité ” le marquage CE a été créé dans le cadre de la législation d’harmonisation technique européenne. Il reconnait qu’un produit peut être vendu dans l’union européenne et qu’il respecte les normes et réglementations associées.

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