Patient Portal

Embrace digital to improve your patients' experience and your caregivers' daily lives

Our belief

"A patient who acts in his medical and administrative care is a strong vector of therapeutic success."

A customizable, multi-service and multi-pathology portal

The exolis solution has been designed to enable healthcare centers to support patients digitally and humanely throughout all stages of their care . Discover the three components of our patient portal:

Our figures

million patients cared for
health professionals involved
user organisations

I am prompted to log in
to the application 

I read the documentation
at my disposal

I fill in my
pre-admission form

I fill in my form
of hospitality wishes

I sign my informed consent

I inform my health status
the day before the operation 

I am reminded of the date of
the surgery

I inform my health status
the day after the operation

I receive my invoice and pay online 

A response to everyone's expectations

Healthcare center

  • White label and 100% interoperable solution,
  • Personalized support from A to Z,
  • Creation of journey and content in complete autonomy.

Care team

  • Real-time monitoring of patients' health status,
  • Optimization of the service's organization and communication's improvement,
  • Strenghtening of the patient-caregiver relationship.


  • All hospital services at your fingertips,
  • Support before, during and after hospitalization,
  • Better information and understanding of the disease.

Administrative team

  • Anticipation of patient admission and optimization of resources,
  • Fluidity of the queues and reduction of the waiting time at the admissions office,
  • Reduction of possible administrative errors.

City professionals

  • Simplified communication with the patient's care team,
  • Information available in a few clicks in a secure area,
  • Digital tools shared with the care teams of the healthcare centers.

Continuous improvement

We are committed to a daily approach to quality and safety to obtain and maintain compliance. Meeting regulatory requirements is a fundamental element for us.

The strength of a group

Aware of the challenges of today's and tomorrow's health care, the HOPPEN group is committed to supporting patients at every stage of their care. Discover without further delay all our offers: