Jour : avril 12, 2021

National Health Identity (NHI)

The National Health Identity (formerly the National Health Identifier since 8 April 2021, see press release) is a unique identifier specific to each user, a digital identity

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Oncology day hospitalization

For the institution Ensure continuity of care and develop better coordination of professional interventions, Stay in touch with patients and understand their expectations, Assess quality of life

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Connected tracking

The connected monitoring module allows the patient to maintain a privileged link with the patient throughout his or her care and to secure his or her return home. It is a medical device

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Medical record

This module facilitates the patient's access to his or her medical record and allows the establishment's health professionals to consult it. The patient and the care team will be able to

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Payment jpeg

Online payment

The "online payment" module allows health care institutions to provide their patients with a secure and digitalized solution to simplify the payment of fees

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exolis has equipped its solution with a teleconsultation module that allows patients to benefit from medical teleconsultations from their home. Thus, patients in convalescence can, from their home, on

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