General public access

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The "general public access" module is an area of the application dedicated to all visitors of your institution, whether they are patients or not. It allows them to find various information about your health care facility, without the need for login credentials.


Available information:

    • Practical information: contacts, schedules, access...
    • Directory of professionals in the establishment,
    • News feed of the establishment, via RSS,
    • Institutional documents of the institution,

Users' side

Whether they are a future patient, a caregiver or simply curious, users no longer automatically need login credentials to discover the main information about the facility. They can go to the home page of the application and choose between the general public access and the patient portal.


 Services rendered :

  • Access to an informative space, simpler and more targeted than the institution's website generally,
  • Have a first level of knowledge of the institution,
  • Prepare your visit as well as possible by finding out how to get there and who to contact,
  • Get involved from the beginning of their care by going to their facility's portal.

On the institution side

Thanks to the "general public access" module, the health care institution communicates more widely with its visitors and allows its patients to come under the best conditions. Thus, the administrative teams are less solicited and save time on their priority tasks.

It is also a first step towards the use of the patient portal.


 Services rendered :

  • Improve the visibility of the institution and its attractiveness,
  • Increase the number of downloads of the application,
  • Easily inform users of the institution's news,
  • Facilitate the patient's arrival and save time,
  • Reduce uninstallations following a block on the login page.

Customer experiences

Bergonié Institute

🔸 Medical directory 🔸 Practical information

🔸 Health care supply 🔸 Agenda


Franco-British Hospital

🔸 Hospital (medical directory) 🔸 Practical information

🔸 Making appointments 🔸 Calendar


La Tour Hospital

🔸 Medical directory 🔸 Practical information

🔸 Care offering 🔸 Tips & events



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