Agora - Administrative pathway in the Limousin GHT


During the exhibition Santexpo from 8 to 10 November 2021, exolis organised an agora :

Going digital: rethinking the patient's administrative journey

At exolis, we are developing a comprehensive, multi-service, multi-pathology patient portal that strengthens the link between the patient and the hospital, before and during their stay, and then on their return home.

Healthcare establishments are currently facing changes in their administrative processes, which can be optimised using digital tools.

You want to improve your business processes, but you are wondering :
  • What does a digital solution do for my administrative circuit? 
  • How can I adapt my digital solution to the organisation of my institution, my GHT? 
  • How do I divide the roles within my departments? 
Thanks to the feedback from the Limousin GHT and the expertise of the editor exolis, we offer you to discover an example of a successful redesign of the patient administrative circuit, with the application MyGHTLimousin.

Replay - 35'00


  • Alexandre ANDRE, CIO of Limoges University Hospital, RSI of the Limousin GHT
  • Christophe ROSSO, co-founder of exolis

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