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exolis and Hoppen join forces to support patients throughout their hospitalization process

The addition of Exolis to the HOPPEN group will create numerous synergies. In particular, it will enable the group to offer patient support solutions at every stage of the patient's journey, with a complete range of technologies and digital solutions, both before - in particular for pre-admission - and after hospitalisation, as well as human support, thanks to the more than 450 HOPPEN employees present in hospitals in contact with patients.

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exolis announces partnership with Institut Bergonié and Synapse

The Institut Bergonié, Synapse Medicine and exolis announce the launch of their unique partnership, combining the expertise of a cancer centre, a patient portal editor enabling remote monitoring and a medication reconciliation solution. Together, they aim to improve the city-hospital link for the benefit of cancer patients.

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Involving the patient more

exolis, an expert in the connected patient pathway, works to ensure that the patient is fully involved in his or her own health, both by involving the patient and by connecting him or her more closely to medical teams.

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