Ambulatory surgery is a mode of care that allows hospitalization for surgery in a single day (less than 12 hours). Health establishments are increasingly developing this type of surgery, which improves the quality of care and patient satisfaction.

However, as with conventional surgery, it is important to prepare the patient's arrival before hospitalisation and to monitor their state of health when they return home. This is why we offer an ambulatory surgery pathway in our patient portal.

 The integration of our different functionalities allows us to meet several objectives:

For the institution

  • Keep in touch with your patient before and after the operation,
  • Carry out an optimal post-operative follow-up of its patients,
  • Prioritise each patient according to their health status,
  • Send the patient home safely and comfortably.

For the patient

  • Anticipate his intervention but also the return home,
  • Receive the right information at the right time (documents, instructions),
  • Communicating in real time on the state of health (questionnaires, vitals).

Customer experience

To learn more about the implementation of specific pathways such as ambulatory surgery, read the testimony of the University Hospital of Rennes in our March webinar: