Remote monitoring and support for COVID+ patients and contacts

The current epidemic context represents an unprecedented challenge for our health system. The government and the Ministry of Health have recognised the need for better organisation in order to effectively combat the COVID-19 virus while avoiding excessive pressure on institutions.


With our expertise, we have the ability to help all healthcare facilities quickly and efficiently.


For the institution

  • Remote monitoring of patients' health by the hospital or city professionals (liberals, PTA, DAC...)
  • Prioritise patients according to alerts triggered,
  • Anticipating deterioration in the health status of patients,
  • Be a driving force to limit the spread of the virus by monitoring patients at a distance,
  • Reduce hospitalization time to free up beds,
  • Assess the psychological impact and social context.

For the patient

  • Self-assessment of symptoms related to COVID-19
  • Maintain a direct and regular link with the health care institution,
  • To benefit from regular monitoring in order to be reassured about their state of health, their psychological state...
  • Have documents, instructions, information...
  • Limit unnecessary travel to slow the spread of the virus.

Integrated features

engages Covid +

  • Daily symptom monitoring questionnaire
  • Advice sheets on managing illness at home
  • Remote monitoringdashboard with graduated alerts
  • Assessment of psychological and socialcriteria
  • Transfers and city/hospitalcoordination
  • Securemessaging

engage Covid contact

  • Self-reporting questionnaire for contacts
  • Regular monitoring of people'sprogress
  • Dashboard for tracking information intake
  • Transfer to medical follow-up if necessary
  • Secure messaging

The questionnaire and the algorithm for monitoring symptoms are based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the DGS.
engages Covid+ is referenced among the solutions proposed by the Ministry of Health.