Development of connected health:
What are the benefits for patients and health professionals?


Paris, 03 September 2021 - On 22 August, the Ministry of Solidarity and Health launched its "Yes to e-health" public media campaign to promote e-health to patients and professionals. On its dedicated website
the ministry announces that "the advantages of e-health [...] are immense". For professionals who have been working for years to develop these digital solutions, what are the real gains and why is it essential to continue developing these technologies?

Saves time for caregivers, allowing for better care

Connected patient care monitoring solutions have proven their effectiveness. For healthcare teams, they save time and improve organisation. For example, the application developed by exolis for hospitals allows caregivers to know the evolution of their patients' health status, even from a distance, thanks to monitoring questionnaires. Thanks to a colour-coded system linked to the patients' answers, the carers are alerted in case of deterioration and react by order of priority to contact the patients again. On average, 85% of patients are fine and do not generate red alerts[1]. They are therefore not bothered by unnecessary calls or consultations.

[1] Global statistics on alerts generated via the platform engage in 2020, all institutions combined

" It is a real organisational revolution. It makes it possible to streamline circuits and ensure the safety of all ", says the Director of Health Information Systems for the Limousin Hospital Group (GHT).

Information is distributed to the patient smoothly. In the context of digitalization solutions via an application, the patient finds information on his appointments, results, pathology, etc. directly on his smartphone. This access to information arouses great interest among patients, who connect on average every 6 hours[1]. 1] 90% of them say they feel better informed.

[1] Overall statistics on connections to the platform in 2020, all institutions combined

[2 ] Patient satisfaction questionnaire 2019 of a cancer centre, user of the solution

"It helps me a lot on a daily basis: I don't lose the papers in my file. I have access to my results in one click, which is a real pleasure", says a patient who uses the solution.

Facilitating the administrative management of patients

Administrative management is made easier. Digital pre-admission saves considerable time for the establishments: for the Pôle Santé Saint Jean, an average of 8.2 minutes is saved per patient, i.e. 40% of the time saved for both patients and carers. Thanks to the reception desks and ticketing, patients no longer wait and are automatically redirected to the right services. With the same resources, establishments can increase the number of patients they receive by 50% .

Appointment reminder systems via notifications sent to the patient and the facility help to confirm each appointment and reduce the "no show" rateby an average of 50% [i].

[i] Figure taken from the balance sheet of a French cancer centre, following the acquisition of the exolis appointment tracking solution.

Payments can be made online by patients and they have access to invoices on their application. Mutual insurance reimbursements are facilitated and reminder notifications also help toavoid oversights.


Improve the overall patient experience

Finally, digitalisation guarantees an improved patient experience. Remote monitoring and teleconsultation make it possible to avoid unnecessary travel while guaranteeing patient safety. Also, the use of an application allows a less intrusive and more flexible follow-up for the patient . It adapts to the patient's rhythm of life.


The patient becomes a player in his or her care. In the application developed by exolis, patients find answers to their questions and support tools (pillbox, food diary, progress curves, etc.). They allow them to better understand and live with their pathology. They receive information and share it with their family and friends and their circle of car ers for better coordination of the players: reports, check-ups, X-rays, etc.

"We don't bother anyone and we know everything" , says a patient who uses the solution.

With e-health solutions, the patient feels reassured. They stay in touch remotely and know that their medical team will be alerted and can react if their health condition deteriorates .

About exolis


exolis, an expert in the connected patient pathway, offers a complete, multi-service and multi-pathology patient portal that strengthens the link between the patient and the hospital. Designed for health establishments, institutions and general practitioners, exolis is a white label partner in the digital transformation of the medical world.

The application is built around and for the patient, allowing him or her to enter a supervised care pathway in an institution and at home (making appointments, reception terminal, adapted and personalised medical follow-up, teleconsultation, online payments, electronic signature of consent, etc.). exolis works with a strong conviction: the involvement of the patient in all stages of his or her care pathway, even administrative, is a strong vector for therapeutic success .


[1] Figure taken from the balance sheet of a French cancer centre, following the acquisition of an appointment tracking solution.


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