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The CEM@Santé application

The Eugène Marquis Centre provides you with a personal space to accompany you through all the stages of your care. Free, secure and personalised, the application is accessible from your computer or smartphone and has several functions.


♦ Pre-admission
To facilitate its administrative procedures.


♦ Remote monitoring
To inform the health care team of your health status.


♦ Calendar
For easy access to all your appointments.


♦ Information and documentation
For information about the Centre and its pathology.


Before the appointment
- From your home, you complete your pre-admission and have all the necessary documents at hand (health insurance card, identity card, certificate of entitlement, etc.).
- The Centre's documentation (welcome booklet, map, etc.) available in the application, allows you to prepare your visit and take the time to consult the information whenever you wish.
- A questionnaire can be sent to you to ensure that everything is ready before the consultation or hospitalisation (transport, state of health, etc.).


During your care
- If your pre-admission is complete, your passage to the admissions office will be facilitated.
- Thanks to the diary, your appointments have been automatically integrated (consultations, imaging examinations, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc.) and help you to think about them.
- Information on supportive care (physiotherapy, socio-aesthetician, dietician) is also available and guides you for a complete care programme


When you return home

- Various simple and fun questionnaires are offered to you in order to inform the care team of the evolution of your state of health.
- Your health professionals are alerted in the event of a deterioration in your condition in order to contact you and offer you an appropriate solution (advice, emergency consultation, additional examinations, etc.).
- You will find a contact email address for the Centre and emergency numbers in a few clicks.
- You can complete a satisfaction questionnaire to share your experience with the Centre and your care team.


CEM@Santé is an application of the Centre Eugène Marquis. It is available to all patients treated at the Centre, whatever their pathology, who have provided their mobile phone number.
Your patient space is personal and personalised. It has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

"A good app that has been very helpful when all the appointments come together as I discover the disease."

"I found it very useful and easy to use.

"Very good principle, the team is responsive which is very good."

"It allows good follow-up of care and appointments in a somewhat hectic period. It facilitates the link with the professionals who make themselves available.

"Appointments are not written on sheets of paper that can be lost and there is less waste of paper.

"Very practical and functional.

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♦ Step 1

From your smartphone or tablet, download the application from Play Store or App store and open it.
From your computer, visit https://cemasante.rennes.unicancer.fr


♦ Step 2

When logging in for the first time, scan the QR code or enter the login details sent by the Centre by e-mail or post. If you have not received them, please ask at the admissions office.


♦ Step 3

After reading the terms and conditions of use, please accept them and your information.


♦ Step 4

Enter the 6-digit security code received by SMS and set a personal 4-digit PIN code that will be requested each time you log on.


Step 5
You can now enjoy your fully dedicated space.


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The medical data entered by the User is the property of the Establishment and feeds the patient's medical file. This data is accessible exclusively by the Establishment and by the User him/herself.
If the Application is used on several devices (smartphone, tablet, web), the medical data is synchronised and accessible on all devices.

*Extract from the general conditions of use of the CEM@Santé application


No worries, you just need to have communicated a mobile phone number to the Centre Eugène Marquis and to have an internet access. Your CEM@Santé space is available on your computer from the following link: https: //cemasante.rennes.unicancer.fr

No problem. Your login details are sufficient to connect to your space. However, if you have not received your pairing sheet by post, you will have to go to the admissions office to generate one as it cannot be sent to you by email.

There is no dedicated space for family carers. However, they can accompany you to fill in the requested questionnaires. It is preferable to do this together to ensure the accuracy of the answers, particularly with regard to the state of health (temperature, pain, etc.).

In order to find your login details, you can look for your pairing sheet in your emails. They were sent by : xxx
Alternatively, you can go to the admissions office to request new ones.

On the home page of your space and by entering your login, a link will allow you to request the creation of a new PIN code: "forgotten password". A verification code will be sent to you by SMS to allow you to enter a new code.

Check that you have an internet connection (WiFi, 3G, 4G), then try again.

Your first connection to the portal was made from a smartphone (mobile application) or from a computer (web browser). To access the portal from a different device than the one you first connected to, you need to register a new device. To do so, please follow these steps: add visuals
1 - On your already connected device, open the main menu
2 - Click on "About", then "Add a device"
3 - Then click on "Create your new identifiers"
4 - Go to the authentication page of the CEM@Santé application from your new device (web page or mobile application) and enter your new identifiers

Yes, you can fill in the first few fields with the information you have, save and come back at any time to complete your pre-admission.
If your pre-admission is not complete, you will finish it when you come to the entrance office of the Centre.

Check that your iOS or Android version is compatible (iOS: 8.0 or later - Android: 4.4 or later). If not, update and try again.

We are sorry we could not answer your question. We suggest that you send an email to the support team at CEMASANTE@rennes.unicancer.fr describing your problem.


Login to your CEM@Santé patient area