Coastal facilities and patient influx


Health care facilities on the coast:
How to prepare for the influx of patients during the summer?

Paris, 6 July 2021 - In the face of the health situation and the constraints that persist, 56% of holidaymakers say they are planning a holiday in France[1]. The coastal regions, which are popular every year, are preparing for the arrival of an even greater flow of tourists. For the health professionals in these regions, the arrival of tourists is above all synonymous with an increase in the demand for care. Health establishments are therefore organising themselves in advance to guarantee the best possible reception for patients during their holidays .

[1] Holiday barometer, Europ assistance

What changes for coastal establishments during the summer?

During the summer months on the French coast, health care institutions are faced with two realities. On the one hand, the summer period is synonymous with a decrease in scheduled care. On the other hand, the arrival of tourists leads to an increase in the number of patients in the emergency services. Faced with this evolution in the demand for care during the summer period, the health establishments on the coast are confronted with new problems in terms of the organisation of the reception and care of patients. To better welcome these new temporary patients, the digitalisation of the patient pathway is a solution .

Digitalisation of care in coastal hospitals

The digitisation of care on the French coast saves time for the administrative teams and facilitates the procedures for visiting patients.

Indeed, several stages of care, particularly administrative, can be digitised with the use of digital solutions.

  • Online pre-admission allows scheduled patients to prepare for their arrival at home, and unscheduled patients to fill in their initial information in the waiting room. The admissions office saves time and queues are smoother.
  • Online payment allows patients to find and pay their bills in a secure area.
  • Theinformation area guides patients through their treatment: map of the premises, appointment checklist, frequently asked questions, contact details, etc.

New patients arriving during the summer period in health establishments that have implemented digitalization solutions can easily anticipate their procedures and have access to their documents and information after their departure . The number of return visits to the institution is reduced.

The case of the Pôle Santé Saint Jean

The Pôle Santé Saint Jean, located in Cagnes-sur-Mer, has digitalised its patient pathway thanks to the exolis solution. The patient portal set up, Mon Espace Santé Saint Jean, is a real time saver for patients organising their stay: they no longer need to go to the pre-admission stage and all the documents required for their visit are contained in the application, which ensures that they don't forget anything on the day of their appointment. On site, they can access practical information for their stay.

"The Mon Espace Santé Saint Jean application allows patients to be informed of the latest news from the Polyclinic: information videos, explanatory videos, etc."

Sydné Massiera, Deputy Director General, Pôle Santé Saint Jean

Patients can also pay the remaining costs and make the reimbursement procedures with their mutual insurance company more quickly, as the invoices are digitised and accessible with a click.

"During their holidays, our patients do not have to send a letter or wait until they return home to pay their bills. They access them directly online and transfer them easily to their mutual insurance company.

Sydné Massiera, Deputy Director General, Pôle Santé Saint Jean

About exolis

exolis, an expert in the connected patient pathway, offers a complete, multi-service and multi-pathology patient portal that strengthens the link between the patient and the hospital. Designed for health establishments, institutions and general practitioners, exolis is a white-label partner in the digital transformation of the medical world.

The application is built around and for the patient, allowing him or her to enter a supervised care pathway in the institution and at home (making appointments, reception terminal, adapted and personalised medical follow-up, teleconsultation, online payments, electronic signature of consent, etc.). exolis works with a strong conviction: the involvement of the patient in all stages of his or her care pathway, even administrative, is a strong vector for therapeutic success.


About Pôle Santé Saint Jean

The Pôle Santé Saint Jean groups together several establishments: the Polyclinique Saint Jean in Cagnes-sur-Mer, the E3S "Espace Sport Soins et Santé" centre in Cagnes-sur-Mer and the Pôle Antibes Saint Jean in Antibes.

The Polyclinic is a multidisciplinary establishment. It provides care for its patients in the Medicine, Surgery and Gynaeco-Obstetrics (MCO) department. It has 267 beds and places. In a constant effort to satisfy its patients and to ensure the best possible care for them, it has 130 nurses, 70 care assistants, 13 midwives, 12 auxiliary nurses and 80 private doctors.

The Saint Jean Health Centre is developing its care offer around major sectors of expertise: the Maternity Unit, the Orthopaedic Unit, the Digestive Unit and the Cancer Unit.

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