exolis announces partnership with Institut Bergonié and Synapse


The objective: to strengthen the link between hospital pharmacists and retail pharmacists in the follow-up of cancer patients

Paris, February 7, 2022 -Institut Bergonié, Synapse Medicine and exolis announce the launch of their unique partnership, combining the expertise of a cancer center, a patient portal editor for remote monitoring and a medication reconciliation solution. Together, they aim to improve the city-hospital link for the benefit of cancer patients. It is within the framework of Article 51[1] that 45 health establishments with innovative projects will be able to launch the Oncolink experiment, piloted by Unicancer, for patients receiving oral anticancer drugs at home. Why is it essential to strengthen the link between community pharmacists and hospital pharmacists in the monitoring of cancer patients? How can connected health solutions improve the link between the city and healthcare institutions?

[1] Experimenting and innovating for better care, Ministry of Solidarity and Health  

Transmission of information: the key to improving the city-hospital link

The partnership between the Institut Bergonié, Synapse Medicine and exolis is a project to experiment with home monitoring of cancer patients taking oral anticancer drugs. This monitoring confronts healthcare professionals with the essential sharing of information. The ability to exchange information and the interoperability of thesystems used are fundamental for good coordination of care and complete and continuous monitoring of the patient at home. 

Thanks to this partnership, the information completed by the patient on his or her Bergonié Uniconnect application , developed by exolis and used for the past three years, as well as that transmitted by the pharmacists via Synapse, is automatically transmitted to the platforms used by each of the players, as well as to the institution's DPI (Electronic Patient Record). The interoperability of the systems allows for real-time transmission and maintenance of the same level of information for all, in the institution and in the city.  

Medication reconciliation, even remotely, thanks to a healthcare professional platform

The management of patients outside the health care facility requires that all of the patient's medications be collected so that the oncologist can take them into account when prescribing. The challenge of medication reconciliation is therefore to establish communication between hospital pharmacists and retail pharmacists, who draw up the medication record based on this reliable and exhaustive list of all the drugs taken by the patient, whether prescribed or self-medicated .

This medication review is then optimized (BMO) to ensure its relevance and safety, but also its consistency with the oral chemotherapy prescribed by the oncologist. A personalized dosing plan is then generated to help patients take their medication. The Synapse platform displays on intuitive screens all the information related to the patient's medication management, which is shared between pharmacies, hospital pharmacists, nurses and physicians.

A solution that makes the patient the actor of his care path

The home tele-monitoring system offered by exolis allows patients to be involved in their care. First, the patient participates in the sharing of information by regularly filling out a form on his or her state of health from the Bergonié Uniconnect application.


The patient adheres to his care pathway and follows the recommendations agreed upon with his health care team. They are autonomous in taking their treatment and find their treatment plan in their application, which tells them when and how they should take their medication. Caregivers, whether in the city or in an institution, have their own dedicated space to monitor and manage adverse events reported in real time by patients. In the near future, adverse events will be transmitted automatically and in real time to the Synapse platform, allowing different healthcare professionals to be at the same level of information at the same time.


The involvement of patients in their therapy and in their connected care pathway makes it possible to provide ultra-personalized support from home for better monitoring of each individual.

About exolis

exolis, an expert in the connected patient pathway, offers a complete, multi-service and multi-pathology patient portal that strengthens the link between the patient and the hospital. Designed for health establishments, institutions and general practitioners, exolis is a white-label partner in the digital transformation of the medical world.

The application is built around and for the patient, allowing him or her to enter a supervised care pathway in the institution and at home (making appointments, reception terminal, adapted and personalised medical follow-up, teleconsultation, online payments, electronic signature of consent, etc.). exolis works with a strong conviction: the involvement of the patient in all stages of his or her care pathway, even administrative, is a strong vector for therapeutic success.

Website: www.exolis.fr 

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About the Institut Bergonié

The Institut Bergonié, a member of Unicancer, was the first provincial center to be created in 1923 on the initiative of Professor Jean-Alban Bergonié. With more than 57,000 consultations, 10,000 hospitalizations and 16,000 day hospital stays per year, the Institut Bergonié has a threefold mission of care, research and teaching for the benefit of nearly six million inhabitants of the New Aquitaine region. Comprehensive patient care and prevention have become major missions for our structure.


Press contact: Gérald Carmona : g.carmona@bordeaux.unicancer.fr - Phone : 06 14 96 57 94

Institut Bergonié website : https://www.bergonie.fr

About Synapse Medicine

Synapse Medicine (https://synapse-medicine.com) is on a mission to give everyone access to the best medicine. The start-up, which collaborates with some of France's largest university hospitals, has developed a Medication Intelligence platform dedicated to the proper use of medication. A reference in this category, its solution is 100% independent and is currently used by tens of thousands of healthcare professionals and patients.


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