exolis and Hoppen join forces to support patients throughout their hospitalization process

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By integrating the patient portal editor Exolis, HOPPEN, the French leader in the digital transformation of healthcare establishments and a member of French Tech 120, is broadening its offer to serve the patient journey before, during and after hospitalisation.

Founded in 2014, exolis develops digital solutions to simplify the administrative and medical aspects of patients' journeys, from appointment booking and pre-admission to connected follow-up after hospitalisation. Mainly intended for health establishments, the solutions designed by exolis accompany the digital transformation of the medical world. With around 30 employees, 150 user structures and 1.5 million patients supported, exolis has seen its turnover double since 2020.

By combining the benefits of digital technology with the power of human relations, HOPPEN is helping to transform hospitals and improve the well-being of users by offering services throughout the hospitalization process. HOPPEN's solutions, used by 1 out of 2 patients in France, improve the comfort and physical and moral well-being of patients thanks to an offer of support and entertainment, facilitate the daily life of caregivers and increase the attractiveness and efficiency of establishments.

The addition of exolis to the Hoppen group will create numerous synergies. In particular, it will enable the group to offer patient support solutions at all stages of the patient's journey, with a complete range of technologies and digital solutions, both upstream - in particular for pre-admission - and downstream of hospitalisation, as well as human support, thanks to the more than 450 HOPPEN employees present in the hospitals in contact with the patients.

The Exolis teams and its three founders, Pierre Claudon, Nicolas Binand and Christophe Rosso, will continue their development while being closely associated with the HOPPEN adventure.

Matthieu Mallédant, Chairman and CEO of HOPPEN, comments:

"Thanks to this integration, HOPPEN will be able to offer a wide range of support in the hospitalization of patients in the service of better healing. I am delighted to be starting this new page in our shared history with Exolis.

Sébastien Duré, Managing Director of HOPPEN, comments:

"Thanks to exolis, HOPPEN is strengthening and extending its offer beyond its historical core business - the hotel dimension of the hospital stay - to cover the entire patient pathway, from pre-admission to connected medical follow-up after the patient returns home.

Pierre Claudon, co-founder of exolis, comments:

"With HOPPEN, we share the conviction that supporting patients at every stage of their care is a strong vector for therapeutic success. We are very happy to join HOPPEN to continue our development and innovation in the service of the healthcare system.

About Hoppen:

Founded in 2011 in Rennes by Matthieu Mallédant and Sébastien Duré, HOPPEN is the French leader in the digital transformation of healthcare institutions. The company develops technological solutions and offers a range of
phygital services for patients, providing a concrete response to the major challenges facing the French healthcare system. With its unrivalled experience in the market, HOPPEN is committed to offering a better service and a better care path for patients, based on strong values, the commitment of its teams in the field and an unrivalled technological expertise in order to build a healthier world.

About exolis


exolis, an expert in the connected patient pathway, offers a complete, multi-service and multi-pathology patient portal that strengthens the link between the patient and the hospital. Designed for health establishments, institutions and general practitioners, exolis is a white label partner in the digital transformation of the medical world.

The application is built around and for the patient, allowing him or her to enter a supervised care pathway in an institution and at home (making appointments, reception terminal, adapted and personalised medical follow-up, teleconsultation, online payments, electronic signature of consent, etc.). exolis works with a strong conviction: the involvement of the patient in all stages of his or her care pathway, even administrative, is a strong vector for therapeutic success .


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