The exolis solution referenced by My Health Space


exolis is proud to announce its listing on the My Health Space catalog via the MyGHT Limousin application, which is already visible to the 65 million users who have a profile.

What is My Health Space?

My Health Space is a digital public service, available since January 2022, that allows citizens to manage their health data. Each user has access to a personal, customizable, confidential and secure trust space that contains:

  • A medical record with the history of documents from the DMP (shared medical record), health measurements and the user's medical profile (history and allergies) so that they can share them with their circle of care.
  • A secure messaging system allowing the user to exchange with a health professional who has authorized the communication.
  • An agenda that can be fed manually by the user or automatically by previously authorized applications.

My health space is now continuing to evolve with the opening of the service catalog. This new feature is intended to highlight the wealth of digital services that are useful for taking care of your health, as referenced by the public authorities.

Why integrate the application catalog?

The catalog of referenced digital services is a set of services developed by third-party, private and public players in the field of health, well-being or autonomy maintenance. For solution publishers, being referenced in the service catalog allows them to:

  • Increase the visibility of the digital solution to all citizens
  • To guarantee users, through the referencing process, compliance with the security, urbanization, ethics and interoperability requirements of the digital health doctrine.
  • A data exchange between the solution and My Health Space, in the patient's hand, allowing editors to improve the services provided.

Which referencing for exolis?

exolis is a white-label solution provider, which means that each user establishment has a base solution that it customizes and adds services (connected monitoring, pre-admission, reception terminal, etc.) according to its needs. exolis does not therefore intend to offer a direct application on the service catalog. On the other hand, we wanted to reference our solution as abase application.

To do this, we were asked to meet all 150 criteria and provide evidence of compliance on the following components:

  • Related to the offer itself:
    • Health or wellness field,
    • Quality of the content with regard to HAS criteria,
    • Economic model of the service,
  • Technical: urbanization and interoperability of the solution,
  • Security: hosting, identity management and data protection,
  • Ethics: defined within the framework of the Conseil du Numérique en Santé.

Also, the very precise respect of the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) and of the French Data Protection Act is analyzed within the framework of the instruction. Particular attention is paid to the control of data transfer risks outside the EU.



The branded applications, specific to each establishment, will be able to be referenced on the catalog more easily by indicating to be based on our base solution and by completing the referencing file.

This is the case of the Limousin GHT, which trusted us to present its application MyGHT Limousin on the 1st wave of referencing to the service catalog.

"We are delighted to be part of the first class of digital services for patients listed in the My Health Space catalog by the public authorities.

The visibility of MyGHT Limousin acquired thanks to this listing will enable us to accompany more patients throughout the region and throughout their stay. A guarantee of quality, it also attests to the transparency of our health data processing. Informed and reassured, patients can access our various qualified services, such as pre-admission and medical monitoring.

exolis, editor of the CE marked medical device, affirms its compliance with the security, urbanization and interoperability standards required by the Ministry of Health. Through the GHT Limousin, exolis is proud to participate in the engagement of patients in their care through modern, interactive and secure means of communication with their health establishment."
Testimony of the GHT Limousin

What are the consequences?

Thanks to the work already carried out with the Limousin GHT, we have been able to build a set of documents to prepare and anticipate the completion of the referencing file and proof of compliance. Thus, for any new referencing of the application of an establishment, it will remain to finalize the file by providing the data relating to the medical courses set up (contents, alerts, list of the contributors and validators) and the specificities related to the management of the data, of the patients (CGU, mentions RGPD, online help...).


If you are interested in the project or would like more information, please contact us.


My GHT Limousin

The My GHT Limousin application assists patients in their administrative and medical procedures: pre-admission, medical follow-up, information, health questionnaires, etc. All the services made available are entirely free. It offers pathways in ambulatory surgery, obstetrics, oncology, PMA, anesthesia and pharmacovigilance. My GHT Limousin is an application available at the Limoge University Hospital and soon at the Brive Hospital. Eventually, it will be accessible to the 18 public health establishments in the former Limousin region, which make up the Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire du Limousin (GHT Limousin): CHU of Limoges (support establishment), CH of Brive, CH of Guéret, CH of Haute-Corrèze (Ussel), CH of Saint-Junien, CH of Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche, CH of Tulle, CH Esquirol, CH La Valette (St Vaury), CH of Aubusson, CH of Bort-les-Orgues, CH of Bourganeuf, CH of Cornil, CH of Evaux-les-Bains, CH intercommunal du Haut-Limousin, CH intercommunal Monts et Barrages, CH of La Souterraine and CH of Uzerche.