Clinical research is essential for the progress of care. It will enable the development of new innovative treatments, new care modalities and an evaluation perspective, to acquire new medical knowledge.

The patient benefits from privileged support throughout his or her journey.


For the institution

  • Keeping in touch with patients for better follow-up,
  • Anticipating events that could interrupt the study (patient withdrawal, alerting the institution to SAEs, ensuring that the protocol is running smoothly, avoiding missing data, etc.),
  • View all patients (patients discharged from CR, patients in progress...),
  • Anticipating and organising the logistics when patients come (blood test tube),
  • Extraction of data in an anonymised manner.

For the patient

  • Visualise your journey (date of blood test, clinical research nurse consultation, etc.),
  • Access its data and documents on the study at any time,
  • Benefit from a direct link with your institution, your clinical research nurse,
  • Sign consent from within the application.