Our patient portal brings together all the useful features for the patient and strengthens the link with the whole circle of care.

The solution engage solution from our company exolis is unique. It integrates all the specialties and allows to improve the patient's pathway in the institution and outside the walls during the entire care process, whatever the pathology. It facilitates the daily life of care teams and allows them to anticipate deterioration in the patient's state of health.  

White label, fully configurable and interoperable with all the tools of the institutions (DPI and GAP), it is possible to interact at any time on :

  • administrative information, e.g. enabling admission,
  • more medical information relating to follow-up and the care pathway.

Teams gain in efficiency and organization, and focus on high value-added tasks. The patient experience is improved, as they are involved in their care throughout their journey. 

The solution consists of a mobile application (iOS and Android), a responsive web portal for patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals and a coordination portal for healthcare facilities and institutions. It reimagines the patient/care circle relationship by providing the necessary tools to the patient.

The health data are hosted in the establishments (locally) or on approved health data servers. No data is collected or hosted by exolis.