Our patient portal gathered all the useful features for the patient and strengthens the link with the whole Care Circle.

Deployed as a white label, the exolis solution is fully configurable and interoperable with all the institutions' tools (DPI and GAP).


The solution consists of a mobile application (iOS and Android), a responsive web portal for patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals and a coordination portal for healthcare facilities and institutions. 


The health data are hosted in the establishments (locally) or on approved health data servers. No data is collected or hosted by exolis.


Our modules

Administrative component

Medical component

Complementary component

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  • Administrative file 
  • Making an appointment
  • Information about the healthcare center
  • Access to documents 
  • Pathology-related guidelines
  • Health follow-up questionnaire
  • Teleconsultation
  • Access to reports and prescriptions
  • Chronological tracking of the care journey 

Our journeys

Examples of journeys deployed with our clients

Other examples of journeys deployed with our clients

chronic cardiology

Chronic Cardiology

Bariatric surgery








Our partners

By integrating the skills of partner companies, exolis is expanding its product and service offering to provide an even more complete solution for its customers and additional expertise.

Health data hosting



Electronic signatures

Looking for more information about a specific pathway or looking to explore other
care options?

The offers of the HOPPEN group

In addition to our patient portal offer, the HOPPEN group proposes many complementary offers based on 3 themes:

  • The connected room
  • Patient services
  • Advice and support

Convinced that the digitalization of healthcare establishments requires the presence of intuitive digital solutions but also physical support "in situ", HOPPEN offers a range of services 100% Phygital.