This module facilitates the patient's access to his or her medical record and allows the institution's health professionals to consult it.

The patient and the care team will be able to share medical documents, make observations and find all the information via a dedicated space. The patient chooses the health professionals who access it and the teams schedule the distribution of information.

Patient side

Main features :

  • Access to medical documents made available by the establishment (reports, laboratory or imaging results, prescriptions, etc.),
  • Submission of additional medical documents,
  • Display of the patient's complete care pathway (appointments and associated reports),
  • Management of health professionals authorised to access the file (addition, modification, revocation).

Services rendered :

  • Centralisation of medical documents in a secure space accessible to its establishment,
  • Sending and receiving medical information,
  • Preparing for your appointment beforehand.

On the institution side

Main features :

  • Connection by CPS card,
  • Dashboard with the latest events,
  • Automated sending of patient reports from the institution's software(s),
  • Consultation of the reports sent by the patient,
  • Documents on good practice in care and management,
  • Patient appointment diary,
  • Summary of the patient journey.

Services rendered :

  • Better transmission of medical information,
  • Retrieval of results external to the institution transmitted by the patient,
  • Obtaining the patient's adhesion and involvement in the feeding of his patient record via his portal,
  • Management of deadlines for the distribution of medical documents (e.g. reports).


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