The pre-admission module is a fully-fledged care pathway that allows you to anticipate the patient's arrival, and to monitor the changes made after the arrival.


Main features :

  • Pre-admission form: civil status, contact details, administrative documents, circle of care, family members (people to be notified)
  • Signing of consents
  • Management of the administrative file after the patient's arrival (modification of information other than strict identity features)

Patient side

To simplify administrative procedures, patients can fill in their administrative file independently and before their hospitalisation via a secure access to their patient portal. They can then complete various categories (civil status, correspondents, supporting documents, etc.).


Services rendered :

  • Complete all the necessary administrative procedures in complete peace of mind via a personal and secure access,
  • Avoiding waiting times at admissions on the day of arrival in the establishment,
  • Define and involve the circle of care in their overall care,
  • Benefit from a caregiver mode to involve those around them and accompany certain patients.
engage identity

The patient is in control of the administrative information that he or she sends to the institution, as long as the file has not been validated by an agent. Once the administrative file has been validated, the patient can submit for validation the modification of his information by the institution.

On the institution side

Prior to admission, administrative staff can schedule notifications to patients to encourage them to complete their records (if they have not already done so). When patients arrive at the admissions office with a completed file, staff save time and make queues more fluid.

Administrative information and documents can be sent automatically to the institution's PAM (Patient Administrative Management).


Services rendered :

  • To improve patient satisfaction with their care by streamlining waiting times,
  • Valuing the work of administrative staff with high value-added tasks,
  • Dematerialise consents,
  • Encourage the patient to update their rights,
  • Reduce manual input errors by the administration.

Customer experience

To find out more about the pre-admission module, read the testimonial from the Pôle Santé Saint Jean in our June webinar, as well as the frequently asked questions:


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