Making an appointment

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This module allows the patient to make an appointment online and notifies the patient for a reminder or confirmation.

Thanks to the interfaces set up with the establishment, the available slots can be automatically deducted (without re-entering), and the reservation of slots is done in real time in the establishment's tool.

Patient side

  • Access to the availability of all the health professionals in the health establishment,
  • Make an appointment online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in complete peace of mind, for a physical consultation or a teleconsultation with one of the establishment's health professionals,
  • Receive notifications in the patient portal, sms and/or email to remind you of the next appointment,
  • Consultation of the administrative and/or medical instructions in the portal in order to prepare the appointment as well as possible.

On the institution side

  • Optimisation of secretarial time by offering online appointment booking and reducing time spent on the telephone,
  • Better preparation of the patient consultation by transmitting information automatically (reports, instructions, prescriptions, etc.),
  • Smoother appointment scheduling and improved patient satisfaction,
  • Reduction of SMS costs with an alert and confirmation of arrival system,
  • Setting up decision trees to help the patient choose the right appointment,
  • Interfacing with the establishment's appointment scheduling software to retrieve or reserve slots.

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