The connected monitoring module allows the patient to maintain a privileged link with the patient throughout his or her care and to secure his or her return home. It is a CE marked medical device.


In addition to consolidating the image of excellence, connected monitoring allows the establishment to remotely monitor care episodes and anticipate clinical situations through questionnaires, treatment monitoring, instant messaging, therapeutic education, etc. It can, for example, replace the telephone call on D+1 in the context of monitoring and the legal obligation to obtain news the day after the operation through questionnaires (fever, pain, nausea, vomiting, etc.).


Through his portal, the patient can find all the information relating to his care and regularly transmits information on his state of health to his care team.

If the patient's condition deteriorates, the hospital is immediately alerted and can be called in to manage the situation.

In this way, the patient becomes an active participant in his or her own care and is supported throughout the entire care process.

Patient side

Main features :

  • Follow-up questionnaires,
  • Documents & factsheets,
  • Guidelines & objectives,
  • Monitoring of vitals & connected objects,
  • Treatment reminders,
  • Games & quizzes (ETP),
  • Messaging and diary.

Services rendered :

  • Facilitate access to all medical information from a single portal for the patient and/or their carer,
  • Personalised follow-up according to the patient's pathology and profile (questionnaire, vitals, etc.),
  • Better understanding of their pathology (possibility to test their knowledge via quizzes),
  • Inform in real time on its health status.

On the institution side

Main features :

  • Monitoring of prioritised alerts,
  • Customisation of care protocols,
  • Parameterisation of care paths to adapt them to the practices of the establishment,
  • Return of completed questionnaires to the institution's DPI (Electronic Patient Record),
  • Statistics on patient adherence to the application, alerts generated...

Services rendered :

  • Coordinating teams and patient follow-up: improving the patient experience and improving the daily life of care teams,
  • Optimise the organisation of medical teams by deploying to the right place at the right time,
  • Centralise and monitor patients outside the hospital in real time,
  • Meet traceability requirements by having visibility of all actions taken with patients,
  • Integrate connected monitoring into existing tools and the organisation of the institution's services.


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