exolis has equipped its solution with a teleconsultation module that allows patients to benefit from medical teleconsultations from their home. Thus, patients in convalescence can, from home, on their patient portal, consult their medical file and exchange by video with their specialist doctor in a few clicks, 24/7.

Patient side

  • Benefit from a secure consultation from home or work,
  • Avoid unnecessary travel within the health facility,
  • Send reports or prescriptions easily before the teleconsultation and from the application,
  • Maintain a link with your health professional in 3 clicks.

On the institution side

  • Offer a consultation to your patient at any time,
  • Retrieve health documents sent by the patient, and transmit prescriptions,
  • Planning time slots without defining doctors (e.g. anaesthetics),
  • Valuing doctor time.

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