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Dispositifs médicaux, certifications et conformités

Pour répondre à des ‟ exigences essentielles de santé et de sécurité ” le marquage CE a été créé dans le cadre de la législation d’harmonisation technique européenne. Il reconnait qu’un produit peut être vendu dans l’union européenne et qu’il respecte les normes et réglementations associées.

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FHIR, the future of health exchanges

The main logic of interoperability in healthcare is to be able to make the different software of a system communicate and exchange in order to share and synchronize useful information for patient follow-up.

To learn more about interoperability, read our dedicated article.

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Agora- Digital patient experience: what ROI? 

You want to improve and digitalize the administrative and medical pathway, but you wonder what the benefits are for the patient and your institution?

Thanks to our experience, we are in a position to answer your questions and we suggest that you listen to Betty Santelli, Sales Director, Mikaël Leblond, Project Director and Caroline Fischer, Sales Manager.

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exolis and Hoppen join forces to support patients throughout their hospitalization process

The addition of Exolis to the HOPPEN group will create numerous synergies. In particular, it will enable the group to offer patient support solutions at every stage of the patient's journey, with a complete range of technologies and digital solutions, both before - in particular for pre-admission - and after hospitalisation, as well as human support, thanks to the more than 450 HOPPEN employees present in hospitals in contact with patients.

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